Zoogeography Workshop 2001

International Meeting of Experts on

"Distribution Patterns of East European Geometridae".


Chairman Dr. Axel Hausmann, ZSM



1. Aims of the Zoogeography Workshop as outlined by the chairman were agreed upon by the participants. The need for closer scientific cooperation among geometrid researchers was expressed.

2. The seminar session highlighted promising possibilities for zoogeographic research on Western Palearctic Geometridae. It became evident that right now, with comprehensive faunistic results from modern and efficient monitoring projects from southern and eastern European countries (e.g. Ukraine, IK, Romania, MS, or Bulgaria, SB), it is possible to come to valuable zoogeographic conclusions. The results of JB and AM on population dynamics and colonisation strategies correspond well with similar results of VM concerning the genus Eupithecia. Antropogenous influences on distribution patterns have been discussed and are retained as important not only by man’s influences on the habitat (e.g. gravel and sand pits in Poland, JB & AM) but also by artificial displacement (Neozoa). The latter is suggested for the European Russian occurrence of Eupithecia repentina (VM). The importance of proper taxonomy for zoogeography was underlined by GL presenting the example of Agriopis aurantiaria. Interesting zoogeographic aspects of the Altai mountains as the eastern border of the western Palaearctic region were presented by VL. Most important was the discussion on a valuable and uniform system of terms for distribution patterns (JV). The discussion was prolonged on the second day of the workshop. It was agreed upon, that such a system (that may be used also in the book series ‘The Geometrid Moths of Europe’) should (1) reflect recent distribution, (2) be concise, using short and not too detailed terms and (3) not be based on too many different terms. A draft for a terminology of recent distribution types has been distributed as ‘home work’, asking all participants to give their comments.

3. Concrete cooperations were agreed upon concerning molecular research on the genus Timandra (JV, AM, AH, IK), on larval morphology (AM, SB, JG, BM), on museology and inventorying of taxonomic and zoogeographic basis data (AH, DS, VM, IK, MS).

4. A proposal to continue the Zoogeography Workshop in 2-years-intervals was welcomed. Date, topics and place of the next meeting remain to be established. For publication of the proceedings and abstracts of the Zoogeography Workshop 2001 it was agreed, to use the internet facility of the research initiative ‘Forum Herbulot’ at the ZSM. This web-page was accepted by all participants also as a platform to continue coordination and cooperation between researchers and specialists.

5. Participants expressed their thanks to the organizers and sponsors of the Zoogeography Workshop 2001.

Munich, 13.3.2001

Dr. A. Hausmann (ZSM)