Zoogeography Workshop 2001

International Meeting of Experts on
"Distribution Patterns of East European Geometridae".


Chairman Dr. Axel Hausmann, ZSM

Chairman Dr. A. Hausmann, ZSM, Munich
Opening address Prof. Dr. G. Haszprunar, director of the ZSM, Munich
S. Beshkov, National Museum of Nat. History Sofia, Bulgaria
U. Buchsbaum, ZSM, Munich, Germany (meeting assistant)
Prof. Dr. J. Buszko, University of Torun, Poland
Dr. W. Eckweiler, Frankfurt, Germany (guest)
S.-I. Erlacher, Jena, Germany (guest)
Dr. J. Gelbrecht, Berlin, Germany (guest)
Dr. A. Hausmann, ZSM, Munich, Germany (chairman)
I. Kostjuk, Zool. Mus. University of Kiew, Ukraine
Gy. Laszlo, Budapest, Hungary
Prof. Dr. V. Lukhtanov, University of St. Petersburg, Russia
Dr. A. Malkiewicz, Inst. Zool. University of Wroclaw, Poland
Dr. V. Mironov, Zool. Inst. Acad. Sci. St. Petersburg, Russia
Dr. B. Müller, Berlin, Germany (guest)
N. Pöll, Bad Ischl, Austria (guest)
Dr. A.H. Segerer, ZSM, Munich, Germany (meeting assistant)
Dr. M. Stanescu, Nat. Museum Nat. Hist. Bucharest, Romania (lecture presented, visit postponed to 10-15 December)
Dr. D. Stüning, Zool. F.inst. & Museum Koenig, Bonn, Germany (guest)
M. Sommerer, Munich, Germany (guest)
Dr. R. Trusch, ZSM, Munich, Germany (meeting assistant)
Dr. J. Viidalepp, Zool. Bot. Inst. Tartu, Estonia