Geometridae of the Indo-Pacific region and Australia:
Inventories, evolution, colonisation, Gondwana distributions



 Thursday, 13.3.2003

14.00: Opening address

Prof. Dr. G. Haszprunar, director of the ZSM

14.10: Introduction

Dr. A. Hausmann, ZSM, Munich

14.20: Address of the guest of honour Claude Herbulot

Dr. Philippe Darge in absentia of Dr. Claude Herbulot, Paris

14.30-17.10: Seminar session

(times are indicated approximately, lectures should not exceed 10‘, discussion 5-15‘)

14.30: Dr. Jeremy D. Holloway, The Natural History Museum, London
Feeding relationships of supposed Gondwanaland Geometridae (preliminary title)

14.55: Dr. Martin Krüger, Transvaal Museum, Pretoria
Out of Africa repeated? On the tribal composition of southern Ennominae and the origin of Geometridae

15.15: Cathy Young, School of Geography and Env.Studies, University of Tasmania, Hobarth
The Place of the Australian Nacophorini in the Geometridae

15.35: Prof. Dr. Peter McQuillan, School of Geography and Env.Studies, University of Tasmania, Hobarth
The Foodplant relationships of the Australian Geometridae

15.55-16.20 coffee break

16.20: Henry Barlow, Kuala Lumpur
The moths of Borneo online

16.45: Dr. Jaan Viidalepp, Zool.-Bot. Inst., Tartu
Speciation or variation between moths from Malai peninsula and Indonesia (Borneo)?

17.10-17.40 coffee break

17.40-19.00: Informal part I (short reports, news and informations)

Australian Geometridae and Zoogeography

17.40: Prof. Dr. Peter McQuillan, School of Geography and Env.Studies, University of Tasmania, Hobarth
The Identity of the Australian Archiearinae

17.55: Olga Schmidt, ZSM, Munich
Some results of taxonomic research on larentiine moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) from the Australasian region

18.10: Dr. Martin Baehr, ZSM, Munich
Australia’s subantarctic Tropics – a contradiction?

Indopacific Geometridae and Zoogeography

18.25: Anthony C. Galsworthy, London
Work on the Eupitheciini of East and South Asia, with particular reference to the Eupithecia of China

18.35: Manfred Sommerer, Munich
On the south-east Asian species of the genus Photoscotosia

18.45: Dr. Evgeny Beljaev, Inst. of Biol. and Soil Sci., Far Eastern Branch of Russ. Acad.Sci., Vladivostok, RUS
Phylogenetic significance of skeleton-muscular anatomy of the genitalia in Geometridae

19.05: Prof. Dr. Janusz Wojtusiak, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland
The species of the neotropical genus Trocherateina (Larentiinae)


Friday, 14.3.2003

9.00-12.00: Informal part (II) and visit to the collections

9.00: Dr. Xue Dayong & Hongxiang Han, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
New Geometridae from the Indopacific region

9.25: George Balogh, Portage, U.S.A.
On the Eupithecia linariata group

9.40: Dr. A. Hausmann, ZSM, München, Germany
GBIF-D: A new project for Geometridae type inventorying

9.50: Visit to the molecular laboratory:

10.10-11.30: discussion on molecular phylogeny

Visit to the collections with free discussions on various topics

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12.25: Bavarian lunch at the premises of the ZSM