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Integration of molecular, ecological and morphological data:
Recent progress towards a higher classification of the Geometridae


Peter McQuillan, University of Tasmania
Axel Hausmann, Zoological State Museum, Munich



 DAY 1 Thursday 19th

14.00 Opening of Forum Herbulot 2006
Opening announcements

14.10 Introduction
Drs Axel Hausmann and Peter McQuillan

14.20 Address of Claude Herbulot
Dr Axel Hausmann

PART 1 Seminar Sessions

Biosystematics & Phylogeny

Chair: Dr Cathy Young
14.35-14.40 Introduction by Chair

14.40-15.00 Dr Sei-Woong Choi
Cladistic analysis of the tribe Xanthorhoini (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) in the Holarctic region

15.00-15.20 Dr Jaan Viidalepp
Cladistic analysis of Larentiinae

15.20-15.40 Dr Erki Ounap, Dr Jaan Viidalepp and Dr Urmas Saarma
Preliminary insight into the molecular phylogeny of Sterrhinae.

15.40-16.00 Afternoon tea and Group Photo

16.00-16.20 Drs Cathy Young & Peter McQuillan
Evolutionary Relationships of the Emerald Moths of Australia

16.20-16.40 Drs Peter McQuillan & Cathy Young
Recent developments in our understanding of the southern Australian Larentiinae

16.40-17.00 Discussion

18.00-19.30 Evening meal

19.30-late. Collecting in the evening at a site near Hobart

 DAY 2 Friday 20 January 2006

Biogeography of Geometridae

Chair: Dr Peter McQuillan
08.55-09.00 Introduction by Chair

09.00-09.20 Dr M. Krüger
Filling in the gaps: South-Eastern Mountain Grassland as an important corridor and refuge for montane Palaeogenic elements within the southern African geometrid fauna (Lepidoptera: Geometridae).

09.20-09.40 Dr. Dieter Stüning
The genus Bracca Hübner (Geometridae, Ennominae) in the Oriental and Australian tropics: Distribution patterns and the phenomenon of strikingly different island-races.

09.40-10.00 Dr Peter Mackey
Diversity and phenology of Geometridae in coastal Central Queensland.

10.00-10.20 Discussion

10.20-10.40 Morning Tea

Informatics and Methodology

Chair: Cathy Young
10.40-10.45 Introduction by Chair

10.45-11.05 Axel Hausmann & Sven Erlacher
Towards a global online information system Geometridae (GlobInG)

11.05-11.25 Staude H. S., Coetzer A., Coetzer B., Kroon D. M., Joannou J., and Krüger M.,
The LEPIAFRICA living books project

11.25-11.45 Dr Axel Hausmann, Miller, M. & G. Müller
Molecular barcoding and larval gut content analysis in Geometridae

11.45-12.05 Dr Paul Hebert & Dr Andrew Mitchell
DNA barcoding of Australian Lepidoptera

12.05-12.25 Dr Axel Hausmann, Kuczkowski, S. & M. Junker
Successful extraction of eggs from dry geometrid moth collection specimens

12.25-12.40 Discussion

12.40-13.30 Lunch

PART 2 Workshop and Posters

13.30-14.45 Workshop on higher classification of the Geometridae and future directions for research (led by Dr Cathy Young and Dr Axel Hausmann)

14.45-15.30 Review of FH2006, other contributions and venue for next meeting

15.30-16.00 Afternoon Tea and viewings (labs and specimens)

18.30-20.30 Forum Herbulot Dinner at a Pier One (local restaurant)

20.30-late. Collecting in the night at a site near Hobart

 DAY 3 Saturday 21 January 2006

Options around Hobart include day collecting, sightseeing, shopping, Salamanca market (best street market in Australia), museums, wildlife parks, collecting at night.

 DAY 4 Sunday 22 January 2006

Extended Field Trip to southern Tasmania

9.00 Leave Hobart by vehicle. Visit some sites of interest along the way (e.g. rainforests, Huon River).

14.00 arrive Far South Wilderness Lodge

Afternoon: activities of your choice

Evening: Collecting at night with mercury vapour lamps

 DAY 5 Monday 23 January 2006

Field activities (options include bushwalks, canoeing, caving). We will lead some local bushwalks in a variety of habitat types.

Collecting at night.

 Day 6 Tuesday 24 January 2006

10.00 Leave Far South Wilderness Lodge for Hobart. Lunch in transit.

13.00 Arrive Hobart