Forum Herbulot 2001

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Neotropical Geometridae: Approaches to a Modern Concept

of the Geometrid System on Genus and Tribe Level


Chairman Dr. Axel Hausmann, ZSM


1. Aims of the FORUM HERBULOT as outlined by the chairman were agreed upon by the participants. The need for closer scientific cooperation among geometrid researchers was expressed.

2. The seminar session highlighted promising possibilities for systematic research. The importance of Gondwana studies was stressed by M. Krüger. Generic revisions of Ennominae (neotropical) by L. Pitkin prompted the question of tribal definitions which must be consistent in the other faunistic regions as well. A tentative tribal classification would seem worth working out and helpful. Research on Sterrhinae and Eupitheciini could be broadened to an interfaunistic scale (C. Covell; A. Hausmann; V. Mironov) and thus bridge existing gaps (e.g. Eupithecia in Africa as correlated to Asia and/or other regions).

Molecular methods (cf. working groups in Sweden, ZSM) need refining to form a more powerful tool for evolutionary and systematic studies and should supplement the morphological and ecological context.

A linkage between the GEDIS transects in Ecuador (DFG) and the fascinating altitudinal border-lined sections of the Erateina-research (J. Wojtusiak) appears very desireable.

3. A proposal to continue the FORUM HERBULOT at the ZSM in 2003 was welcomed. An internet facility should be provided for at the ZSM as a platform to continue cooperation between researchers and specialists; A. Hausmann, L. Pitkin, C. Covell, M. Krüger will supervise the goals and ways and means to achieve them.

4. Participants expressed their thanks to the organizers and sponsors of the FORUM HERBULOT 2001 and enjoyed the pleasure of attending the ceremony of the awarding of the Spix-Medal to Claude Herbulot.

Munich, 13.3.2001

Dr. A. Hausmann (ZSM), Dr. R. Trusch (ZSM), Prof. Dr. C. Covell (Univ. Louisville, U.S.A.), Dr. M. Krüger (Transvaal Mus., Pretoria, S.A.), Dr. L. Pitkin (NHM, London, U.K.)

Abstracts of the presentations are published under:
Hausmann, A. & R. Trusch (ed.) (2001): Proceedings of the FORUM HERBULOT 2001. – Spixiana 24 (3): 193-202